Let’s Do This Right, The First Time

Before you list, here is some homework.

- Choose the right agent.

- Review the comps (The homes similar to yours that have sold)

- Fix what needs to be fixed. Make sure your home is a better deal than the other homes that are for sale.  

The First Time Matters

 - You will get the most traffic through your house in the first few weeks of listing it on the MLS. If it doesn’t compare well, the serious buyers will move on. 

- If your house sits on the market for too long, potential buyers and their agents will wonder what is wrong with it.

- What is “wrong” is that it wasn’t the best deal.

- The longer it sits, the less likely it is that someone will think it’s priced well. If it was priced well it would have already sold.

- Now you have to drop the price, or add incentives such as offering to pay closing costs, to make it look like a better deal. 

Why You Can’t Just Wait For The Right Buyer

- Buyers are not going to pay a penny more than they have to to get the best house that fits into their requirements.

- As your overpriced house sits on the market, other houses that are priced correctly sell. 

- Your house could be the most beautiful house in the State of Florida, well maintained and have great views. It still won’t sell until it is the best property that is active on the market. 

When you use Foundation, here is what you get

- A look at the competition: you get an expert analysis of the local market, focused on houses similar to yours: what has sold, what is pending and what is active.

- A list of things to do: you will receive an honest assessment of what you must do to get your home ready to sell.

- Aggressive marketing: your home will be distributed to major on-line sales outlets, local MLS, fliers will be distributed and we will host open houses as often as possible. 

- Professional guidance: you will be advised throughout the process of how things are going – what you need to do, when you need to do it, and why.